What does 4/4 or 4/1 mean?

4/4, 4/1, 4/0 and other such notation is standard printer's notation to indicate how many colours a job is being printed in. Each number represents one side of the page. For example 4/4 means 4 colours on both sides, whereas 4/1 means 4 colours on 1 side, and 1 colour on the other side.

In most cases printers will use 4, 1 or 0 colours for standard printing. 4 colour is CMYK printing (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). This is the method of printing usually used for Full Colour printing - mixing the 4 colours to produce additional colours. 1 usually indicates Black printing, which is how we use it at Advance Graphics. Some printers may have additional colours available for single colour printing, but black is the standard. 0 simply indicates no printing, and is usually only used as a place holder for single sided printing jobs.

1000 Business Cards
Full Colour 4/0

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